4 historic cyber-attacks you haven’t heard about

#1. The Target attack


That was way back in 2013, when over forty million credit and debit card information was unknowingly hacked from the bank’s system. Target compromised all the holiday shopping activities of customers and as a result, it was forced to pay a price of $10 million to cover loses and disturbances that people got during that period. Emails and personal information was as well stolen.

#2. The mystery of Michael stores.


This is an arts and craft company that supplies products to over 3 million customers worldwide. It was hacked in 2014 that customer’s debits cards and other personal information like emails and social media accounts were compromised. Today there are almost one 1,203 accounts of the same which are fake and people are getting conned always as they try to make purchases of products. Ways are underway to bring it back.

#3. The hacking of the community health system.


Over 4.5 million patient’s data was compromised making the hospital in a very tough situation. There was no operation that could have been handled because the addresses, personal information and the emails were seriously thrown into the dark where even the experts could not find it. That was in June 2014 and clients could not receive care as programmed and their conditions real worsened. The hospital operates 206 hospitals around the US so you can imagine the kind of problem it went through.

#4. September 2014 Home depot attack.


This was a four months attack before the hacking was realized. More than 56 million payments cards had been compromised and a lot of cash stolen leading to big losses. The whole breach caused a loss of $62 million which came as a result of custom made software from the illegal experts.

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