The good thing with this magazine is that it is published both online and as a hard copy making it to have millions of fans from across the world. Any advertisement that is done is meant to boost the sales to a premium level where people can buy the products in bulk. Below are some of the advertising options that are available.

#1. Premium ad sponsorship

This appears on every page and it should include the name of the product and the animation of the product, no flash should be included. It appears on every page making the potential customers to visit your website and inquire about your products. It costs $1,000 per month but the returns are always good. You can just contact us via email and we will get back to you if there are available chances.

#2. Embedded Ad sponsorship.

This ad is not supposed to be more than 30k in size. To catch the attention of people, it would keep on rotating around the page accompanied by nine other ads on top of it. It costs $500 per month but you can buy more rotations once you feel like you need more exposure.

#3. Sponsored reviews.

If you have reviews that you want people to see, that you think they could boost your sales, you can bring it to our magazine and enjoy the best advertisement ever. You are charged only $500 per review which means you will have the perfect returns on your investment. An average review would always take less than a week but more than three days to be complete before it can be posted for people to view it. Why worry, advertise through our magazine and see how promising your business would become.