How to recover corrupt files on Windows and Mac


#1. Check and scan the hard drive.

There is a software program that come with every Mac and Windows computer known as the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You will need to open and launch this so that you find all the necessary folders that you would like to. You will have to then choose the partition where you lost your data and ensure that you locate and scan it. This will find out your files and documents that you have lost through corrupted files in your systems.

#2. Make a preview.

Once you scan everything and thoroughly using the  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, everything shall be displayed and outline of the screen of the desktop. You can then choose on how you would like to list them, maybe according to file size, alphabetical order or date of creation, whichever. Once you are done, now find the files you would like to recover and select restore to bring them back to life. The Wizard can also recover other things like the SD card that is unreadable in the Mac or windows. Retrieve you documents using this program because it is safe and easy. Once you have finished your recovery process, it is time to put more security like antivirus.

#3. Recover Text from Any File

Some corrupted files cannot be recovered unless they are converted to forms that can be easily traced. This is the program that can be used to convert the files before any process is made to recover the files. It is therefore good to have it because some files are complicated and the wizard may find it hard to recover.

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