Write For Us

We understand that we are not a monopoly of wisdom and also believe that we have experts who want to cough new things from their professionalism that is of help to technology. Don’t worry about that, we have a space for where you can have your articles published and earn something of great value back to your pocket from our sales. But we have set guidelines where people must write in respect to those guidelines to ensure that the articles are perfect and obey our terms and conditions before they are published in our magazine. Reliable and informative information is what we real foster in the articles.

#1. Stick to our niche

This is a technology magazine so we don’t expect things like love. People buy it to have relevant and informative ideas that are meant to quench all their thirst for technology solutions. We deeply expect writers to strictly follow the line of originality and not to copy works from other sites that could land us into copy write issues. Ensure that your article is well proofread for any mistakes and sentence structure before you submit. Every article must be passed through copyscape, no matter how perfect and professional you are to ensure that it is original and raw for people to read.

#2. Follow the following

Once you are done, at the top of the post or article, add your email address, the social media accounts that you use including Google plus so that people can have direct access to you. Please ensure that you add your article to our Google drive so that it becomes easy for us to find it and contact you should it happen that there are opportunities for you from any one. Everything needs to be well arranged because many people want their articles to be published so your article must be super.